About Us

3rd St. Studio opened its doors in 1985 as a full time photography studio providing photography services to area families and businesses. Since then it has established itself as one of the leading-edge imaging studios in Western New York. Owners Carl and Deborah Margeson have dedicated their careers to providing custom services that go beyond the traditional photography studio.

Debbie and Carl firmly believe that there is a large difference between a “picture” and a “professional portrait”. With today’s digital camera it takes little skill to capture a well exposed picture. And for some, that is all they may be looking for. However, to create a timeless portrait with exceptional lighting, posing, and composition, it does take a lot of skill and Carl has mastered and fine tuned that art over the years. After receiving many National Merit awards for his photographic prints and participation in dozens of workshops all over the country, Carl was awarded the coveted “Master of Photography” degree from the “Professional Photographers of America” in 1999. True professional photography is about the details and that is what separates 3rd St. Studio from the rest. Also, Debbie uses her talents as a talented licensed cosmetologist to enhance the natural beauty of their many clients. Their customers appreciate the extra steps they take to ensure their subjects are comfortable and confident that they look their best before having their portrait created.

They also provide many local businesses and organizations with people, product, and commercial imaging. Carl also has created a large portfolio of fine art images that he prints, mats, and frames at the studio. His favorite subjects are Italian landscapes and scenics from his many travels and adventures.

They are passionate about their work and are dedicated to providing a friendly atmosphere where their clients’ best interest is always considered first and foremost. Let Debbie and Carl create a family heirloom or a gift for a loved one that will surely increase in value every passing day.

Making an appointment for a visit is easy and welcomed. They can show you how a great portrait is easily accomplished with a little planning, teamwork, and fun. They will help you choose the right clothing, discuss backgrounds and poses, and answer any concerns you have in making your portrait a happy success. It is their goal to ensure your experience is as wonderful as your portrait. Call them today!